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 A grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls. This shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication. 

 Pair with:

Blue Pine for a feeling of whimsy

Algonquin for a warm, natural palette

Chateau is a warm neutral grey when compared to our cool tone Lamp white on the left. It shows it neutrality and lightness when compared with Cathedral Taupe on the right  Chateau, as beautiful as it sounds.

Fusion Mineral Paint. Go from inspired to admired in a few hours. Unleash your creativity and freshen dated furniture, home décor or your front door with Fusion's easy to use products. Pick your project, pick your color, and Paint it Beautiful! 

Benefits Include:

*Minimal prep

*One-step application: no sealing necessary

*Superb adhesion

*High coverage


*Environment friendly formulation

*Strong built-in top coat delivering an exceptional matte finish

*User friendly, even for the amateur painter

*Choose from over 60 elegant and bold colors


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