DIY Decrepit Dust

DIY Decrepit Dust

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Decrepit Dust is a natural compound used for giving painted pieces an “aged” look. Used primarily for highly carved or decorative areas, the Aging Dust settles into the grooves giving the appearance of age over time.  This technique is often found in fine antiques and high end furniture pieces.

Directions for use:

Technique #1:  Apply a slightly heavier than normal coat of clear wax using a wax brush and when the wax is no longer wet, but still tacky, sprinkle a generous amount of Aging Dust across the surface and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Lightly brush off the excess Aging Dust and polish the piece with cheesecloth.

Technique #2:  Apply a slightly heavier than normal coat of clear wax and then sprinkle on the desired amount of Aging Dust.  With the wax still wet, take your wax brush and work the aging dust into the crevices and details of your piece until you get the desired look.  Wait for the wax to dry and then buff until smooth.  If you want a more “aged” or “dirty” look, repeat the process.  



Comes in Dark and White, choose using the drop down.

Size: 25gr

*The dust will fill about half of the 4oz jar. That is normal and correct to how much should be in there because it is 4 oz weight not volume. They want there to be room at the top so it doesn’t fly out when opened.